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How to Obtain Your Property & Casualty Insurance License

There are several types of insurance licenses, including property/casualty, health and life. Each type of license is obtained separately, and you must be licensed in within each state where you, as an agent, or your company sells insurance. The property/casualty license allows you to sell homeowners, auto, liability and commercial insurance products.

Did you you know you could get your license in 8 days? It's actually true, depending on the state. Pre-licensing courses are generally around 48 hours of classroom studies and then you have to take the state's exam.

Here are the steps you should follow:

Visit the Department of Insurance website for your state of residence. Although the insurance industry continues to work toward creating nationwide licensing standards, currently each state has its own insurance licensing requirements.
Complete any required pre-licensing education through a state-approved education provider. Specific classes vary by state. They may include courses on insurance principles, ethics, risk management and state insurance regulations. Most states allow you to complete this education through either classroom instruction or a qualified self-study program.
Register for your insurance examination. You can register before completing your required coursework; however, you cannot take the exam until all coursework is completed.
Study for the insurance exam. Most exams are now administered by computer and consist of multiple-choice questions. Topics include, but are not limited to, insurance regulations, coverages, ethics and risk assessment. Take a practice test and study materials from pre-licensing coursework.
Take the insurance examination. You'll typically be required to provide two forms of identification, proof of coursework completion and confirmation numbers from the exam registration. When you register for your exam, the testing facility will provide you with the specific list of items that you'll need.
Complete your license application once you have successfully passed the examination. Follow your state's instructions to the letter. Check and double-check that you have included all necessary forms and information.
Submit to a criminal background check. States may vary in their requirements for this process; call or visit your state's Department of Insurance website to learn exactly how to proceed with this step. You may have to sign a release, give fingerprints and provide identification.

Find links to State specific class providers and requirements:

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 LSP Program Benefits

Becoming an NCAIG LSP has several benefits:

- Help existing clients save money on their insurance premiums
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- Build a book of residual insurance commissions
- Receive commissions on all referred policies signed up and all future NCAIG policies for your clients
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 Getting your Insurance License

Getting your insurance licence may be easier than you think!

There are a few basic steps to getting your Property & Casualty Insurance License. The requirements sometimes differ by state, but often include:

(1) On-line or in-class training (about 48 hours)
(2) Passing the Property & Casualty Insurance exam

It is important to become licensed in the state in which the insurance is being sold.

Choose a state below to get information on license training and classes: